Why it’s no fun to be a penis (joke)

Why It’s No Fun To Be A Penis: You’re bald your whole life; you have a hole in your head; your neighbors are nuts; the guy closest to you is an a$$hole; and everytime you get excited, you throw up and then faint!

The Dentist and the bad Patient (joke)

Every time the dentist tried to extract his patient’s tooth, the man clamped his jaws shut. Finally, he took his assistant aside and told her, “Look, when I’m ready, I’ll give you a signal and you pinch his balls–hard! ” He did, she did, the nervous patient’s mouth flew open, and the tooth was easily extracted. “Now, that didn’t hurt much, did it?” asked the dentist. “No, not much,” replied the patient, “but who’d have thought the root went so deep?!”

Girl’s Night Out (joke)

A woman went out for a night with “the girls,” telling her husband she’d be home by midnight. As the hours passed, the margaritas tasted better and better until she didn’t get home until 3 AM. As she opened the door, their cuckoo clock started up and cuckooed three times. Realizing her husband could have heard the door open, she quickly cuckooed another nine times to convince him it was midnight. The next morning, hubby asked her what time she got home. “Oh, around midnight, I think.” He replied, “Then I think we need a new cuckoo clock.” “Why?” she asked. “Because last night I heard the clock cuckoo three times, then say, ‘Oh, sh¡t!’ cuckoo four more times, clear its throat, cuckoo three more times, giggle, cuckoo twice more, trip over the coffee table, and fart!”

Getting a divorce (joke)

The wife appeared before the judge and said, “I want a divorce.” The judge said, “Why do you want a divorce?” “Because my husband is a terrible lover.” “How long have you been married?” “Fourteen years.” “I don’t understand,” said the judge. “Why wait fourteen years to divorce your husband if he’s a terrible lover?” She said, “Because, your honor, until that salesman stopped by last week, I didn’t know!”

Little Johnny on the fence

Little Johnny was sitting on the fence, watching a bull with two cows. The preacher walked up and asked Johnnie what he was doing. Johnny replied, “I’m watching that bull screw that black cow.” The preacher was shocked. “John, you shouldn’t use that word. Instead, say the bull is going to ‘surprise’ the black cow.” “Okay.” The preacher continued on his walk. The next Sunday, the preacher was shaking hands with his parishioners as they left church when Little Johnnie appeared with his parents. The preacher bent down, smiled, and asked, “So, Johnnie, did that bull ‘surprise’ the black cow?” Johnnie replies, “He sure did! He f*¢ked the white one!”

The police in the pumpkin patch (joke)

Police arrested a 22-year-old white male in a pumpkin patch at 11:42 PM Saturday and charged him with lewd and lascivious behavior, public indecency, and public intoxication. The judge asked the arresting officer what happened. The officer explained, “I was driving past the pumpkin patch when I saw the defendant satisfying himself on a large pumpkin. He seemed really into it, since he failed to notice my car lights, or me walking up behind him. I said, ‘Excuse me, sir, but are you screwing a pumpkin?'” The judge asked, “And what did the defendant say?” “He looked up at me and said, ‘Pumpkin? Damn! Is it midnight already?!'”

The woman next door (joke)

With his wife now eight months pregnant, a man was severely horny. She recognized what he was going through and empathized enough to hand him a fifty-dollar bill. “Honey, you’re so depressed. Take this money to the woman next door and she’ll sleep with you. But remember: tonight only, okay? Never again!” He couldn’t believe his ears but, afraid she might change her mind, grabbed the money and ran, but within five minutes was back, totally disappointed. “She says fifty isn’t enough. She wants seventy-five! ” His wife was mad. “Why that bitch! When she was pregnant and her husband came over here, I only charged him fifty!”

The Honeymoon Joke

A young couple, each a virgin, was to be married the next day. The groom confessed to his father, “Pa, I’m scared to death. I don’t know anything about sex!” “Don’t worry, Dan,” replied his dad. “Your mother and I may have been a little overly protective but I promise to make it up to you. Tomorrow night, I’ll hide outside your hotel room door. If you need any advice, just say the word and I’ll be there to help.” The wedding went off perfectly, the new bride and groom settled into the hotel for their wedding night, but Dan was still nervous so he undressed in the bathroom. The bride waited and waited, but no groom. She needed to use the bathroom in the worst way, but was too embarrassed to knock. When Janet could wait no more, she grabbed a shoe box from the closet, squatted over it, and deposited a considerable load. Relieved, she got in bed, turned off the lights, and waited for her new groom. When Dan finally got up his courage and came out of the bathroom, he stepped in the shoe box. Feeling around at his feet, he cried out, “My God! This box is full of crap!” And a voice drifted in from the hallway, “Turn her over, boy!”

The Sperm Bank (joke)

A masked man carrying a shotgun burst into a sperm bank and shouted at the woman behind the counter, “Open the safe!” She nervously replied, “We’re not a real bank. We don’t have any money here. We’re a sperm bank!” He yelled back at her, “Don’t you argue with me! Open that safe or I’ll blow your head off!” She did so. “Now grab a bottle and drink it!” he ordered. “What?! It’s sperm!” “Don’t argue. Just drink it!” She did as she was told. The man ripped off his mask and to her amazement, it was her husband. “See? It’s not that difficult!”

Three men break out of prison (joke)

A white man, a black man, and a Mexican man broke out of a Florida prison. Running through the woods, with guard dogs closing in on them, came to a swamp filled with alligators. The white man says, “I’ve got to go for it. If I don’t, the dogs’ll get me.” He didn’t get more than twenty feet when the alligators got him. The black man said, “I’m bigger and stronger than that white dude. I can outswim those gators.” He got about a hundred feet before the alligators got him. The Mexican was afraid to try until the dogs came out of the woods right behind him. Then he jumped in and swam all the way across and got away. A little alligator turned to a bigger alligator and said, “Daddy, why did we eat the first two men, but not the Mexican?” The big alligator replied, “The last time we had Mexican, my a$s burned for days!”