A Blonde and the new Sports Car

Why It’s No Fun To Be A Penis: You’re bald your whole life; you have a hole in your head; your neighbors are nuts; the guy closest to you is an a$$hole; and everytime you get excited, you throw up and then faint!A blonde got a new sports car for a birthday present. While was out for a drive, she accidentally cut off a big 18-wheeler. The truck driver motioned for her to pull over. She did. He got out of his truck, stomped over to the shoulder of the road, drew a circle with a piece of chalk, and commanded the blonde, “Now you stand in that circle and don’t move!” She did as she was told. He reached inside the convertible and cut her leather seats to shreds with his knife. But when he checked her reaction, she was smiling. That made him angrier! “Oh, so you think I’m funny, do you? Watch this!” He grabbed a baseball bat from his truck and broke every lamp on her new car. This time when he looked at her, she was giggling. Now that made him really mad. He slashed her tires. She laughed out loud. He dented the hood with his bat. She laughed harder. He dented the trunk. She laughed even harder. He finally lost it completely, grabbed a gas can from his truck, poured it over her car, and lit it. She doubled over, the tears running down her cheeks. The enraged truck driver screamed, “You’re one crazy blonde! What in the hell is so funny?” Through tears of laughter, the blonde forced out the words, “Every time… when you… weren’t looking?… I stepped out… of the circle!”

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