Bill Gates and his Old Friend

A guy ordered a drink in an airport cocktail lounge and suddenly realized that sitting across from him was Bill Gates. Barely concealing his enthusiasm, he introduced himself, “Hello, Mr. Gates. My name is Larry. You don’t know me, but I’d like to ask you for a small favor.” A wary Gates asked, “And what might that be?” “I’m meeting with a potential client here in a few minutes and if I can sign this deal, it could change my whole life. All I ask is that you walk over and greet me like an old friend. Perhaps my client will be impressed enough to swing the deal.” Relieved, Gates said, “Sure. I can do that for you.” A few minutes later, as the man sat talking with his client, Gates finished his drink, walked over to them, and said, “Hey, Larry! I thought that was you. How’ve you been?” And the guy replied, “F*¢k off, Gates! I’m in a meeting here!”

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