I ain’t Touchin’ It (joke)

Once you’ve seen one shopping center, you’ve seen a mall. Bob went into the restroom and saw a man standing at the next urinal with no arms. As he started to take care of business, he wondered how the armless man was going to do his business. As Bob finished, the man asked Bob for help. A kind soul, Bob said, “Sure, I’ll help you. What do I do?” The man said, “Unzip my zipper.” Bob did. “Pull it out for me.” Bob did. It was red, with scabs and scars, and it smelled awful. “Point it for me.” Bob did… and when he was done, Bob shook it, put it away, and zipped it up. “Thanks, man. I really appreciate it.” Bob said, “No problem. But what’s wrong with it?” The guy pulled his arms out of his shirt and said, “I dunno, man, but I ain’t touching it!

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