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We’ve got tons and tons of jokes – just look at all the categories to the left. But for those rainy afternoons when the Internet is down, or you have to ride the bus, or take a cab, or site in the airport, or you’re just straining to get that last nugget out on the porcelain bowl – you need a good….and there’s nothing to better put a smile on your face than a good joke book!! Here are the best ones we could recommend for your collection:

The Ultimate Dirty Joke Book The Ultimate Dirty Joke Book: (276 pages) The Ultimate Dirty Joke Book holds back nothing and guarantees outrageous laughs. These are the jokes that no one dares to tell in polite company, that are too dirty to make it through the office email system, that may well be illegal in certain states. It makes the perfect gift for that special person who seems impossible to offend — impossible, that is, until he or she hears the one about the…

Mr. K's Book of Really Nasty Jokes Mr. K’s Book of Really Nasty Jokes: (136 pages) Brand new book with some really killer jokes!

The Friars Club Encyclopaedia of Jokes: 2,000 One-Liners, Straight Lines, Stories, Gags, Roasts, Ribs and Put-Downs The Friars Club Encyclopaedia of Jokes: 2,000 One-Liners, Straight Lines, Stories, Gags, Roasts, Ribs and Put-Downs: (496 pages) Introduction by Alan King. The most extensive collection of jokes ever compiled from Friars Club members and other comedians, this hilarious book covers every imaginable subject–from aging to dieting, fashion to fathers, birth control to male anatomy.

This book has mostly 4-5 star reviews like this one:

This is not a book that you would read from cover to cover, Just leave it out on your coffee table, or pull it out from the bookshelves, open up to any page and start laughing. The only place I would not suggest to keep it,is on your night stand. You may wake the person next to you laughing out loud.

All the one liners and gags are grouped by subject. Actors, Baldness, Bankers, Divorce,Ethnic Jokes, Female Anatomy,Life, Politics,Television, Taxes, Weather, you name it, these big guns of comedy don’t miss a trick.

Jokelopedia: The Biggest, Best, Silliest, Dumbest Joke Book Ever Jokelopedia: The Biggest, Best, Silliest, Dumbest Joke Book Ever: (278 pages) Take it away! Jokelopedia is the mother of all joke books—an all-encompassing, gut-busting collection of more than 1,700 jokes for every occasion. 59 elephant jokes, including Why are elephants banned from pblic swimming pools They always drop their trunks. Dozens of knock-knock jokes, like Knock, knock./ Who’s there?/Raven./Raven who?/Raven lunatic who wants to knock your door down! Plus teacher jokes, food jokes, gross jokes, and why-did-the-chicken-cross-the-road jokes. And a whole section of tongue twisters, specializing in the yucky. Try saying “sneaking in my creaky squeaky reeking sneakers.” but the jokes are just the beginning— Jokelopedia is loaded with joke-telling tips and profiles of famously funny people, from Will Ferrell to SpongeBob SquarePants (Hey, wait—is SpongeBob really a person?)

The 2,548 Best Things Anybody Ever Said The 2,548 Best Things Anybody Ever Said: (672 pages) “Drawing from diverse personages — Goethe to Churchill to Woody Allen — Robert Byrne has mined a collection of wit and wisdom that deserves a special place on every humor lover’s bookshelf. These unique, witty, and outrageous quotations, previously published in four separate volumes, are now gathered together in a seemingly limitless trove of pithy and often irreverent one-liners, retorts, put-downs, jokes, and last words that cover every conceivable subject and will appeal to every taste. Highlights include: “”Start every day with a smile and get it over with.”” — W. C. Fields “”Men read maps better than women because only men understand that an inch can equal a hundred miles.”” — Roseanne Barr “”Happiness is having a large loving family in another city.”” — George Burns ”

The 901 Best Jokes There Ever Was: (Plus Quite a Few Second Best) (Humour) The 901 Best Jokes There Ever Was: (Plus Quite a Few Second Best) (Humour): (176 pages) A handy collection of jokes developed by the writer of such television shows as Hee-Haw, this book will bring hours of side-splitting laughter.

Gilbert Gottfried: Dirty Jokes Gilbert Gottfried: Dirty Jokes: Gilbert Gottfried: Dirty Jokes is an unabashedly gleeful compendium of filthy gags, some as familiar as high school locker-room banter, some dusted off from Friars Club roasts, and others quite new and shocking. The squinting, gravel-voiced comedian, whose performance clip in The Aristocrats is a highlight of that film, dives into the deep end before a New York City crowd with one sick laugh after another, most having to do with sex (of course) though many others find sport with age, health, and religion. Nothing can be repeated here, but the one about the long-married Jewish guy who makes two requests of a genie is awfully good, while another about two old men sitting on a park bench is priceless. Nothing is off the table: traveling salesmen humor, dead hookers, the bear and the incompetent hunter (that one’s priceless). Gottfried also treats the crowd to pretty good impressions of Bill Cosby, Alan King, Jackie Mason, and Jerry Seinfeld. The first dozen jokes might not break through one’s defenses, but eventually Gottfried’s persistence will. –Tom Keogh

500 Hilarious Jokes for Kids (Signet) 500 Hilarious Jokes for Kids (Signet): (144 pages) Kids from 8 to 12 love jokes and this joke book is for them. Easy to read, predictably corny, these jokes will keep them reading and improve their memory skills.

If you have a long car trip ahead or, better yet, your grandchildren do, get them this joke book. It will keep the kids entertained and the driver thankful for those long car naps when he/she doesn’t have to “knock-knock”.

Pretty Good Joke Book 4th edition Pretty Good Joke Book 4th edition: (320 pages) Step right up and treat yourself to belly laughs and knee-slapping giggles. The master of “Lake Woebegone” is at it again in his own unique witty whimsical fashion. Garrison Keillor is amazing, simply amazing. Let the laughter begin.

The Greatest Joke Book Ever The Greatest Joke Book Ever: (352 pages) Unlike some of the joke books that only have a few hits among a lot of misses, this book has many, many very funny jokes!

One of the few joke books (and I have quite a few) that made me laugh out loud thoughout the book. Sure, there are some lame jokes in this book, but they are very few, most are soild gold!

The Mammoth Book of Zingers, Quips, and One-Liners: Over 8,000 The Mammoth Book of Zingers, Quips, and One-Liners: Over 8,000: (512 pages) The Mammoth Book of Zingers, Quips, and One-Liners contains the ultimate, most comprehensive compendium of humor ever compiled. From shaggy-dog stories to jokes for roasts and toasts, virtually every form of verbal humor on a whole raft of topics is represented in this not totally politically correct—but always diverting—collection of ticklers and howlers for any occasion. Humorous quotations, epigrams and epitaphs, limericks, and puns also appear among the volume’s thousands of entries categorized by topic. This format makes the book an easily accessible as well as invaluable companion to speechmakers for events great and small—meeting the needs of both the maiden aunt looking for a wholesome joke to relate at a golden wedding anniversary and the best man who needs a blue one for the bachelor party. Providing more than 10,000 choices, this mammoth book even offers would-be wolves on the prowl pick-up lines—at the same time that it offers some snappy comebacks and a few ribald ripostes for the reluctant or disinterested prey.

The Mammoth Book of Dirty, Sick, X-Rated and Politically Incorrect Jokes: The Ultimate Collection of X-Rated Gags The Mammoth Book of Dirty, Sick, X-Rated and Politically Incorrect Jokes: The Ultimate Collection of X-Rated Gags: (512 pages) Great book for those of us with a sick, twisted sense of humor. The book seems to be British or Canadian, so a few of the local jokes went over my head, but overall great book. I would recommend reading through the “Search inside” that Amazon offers, and browsing through using “surprise me”. I believe they let you read about 100 pages using this feature.

1001 Great Jokes 1001 Great Jokes: (352 pages) With this little gem sitting on your shelf,you’ll never have to say,”Oh,I just can’t remember jokes”.

Jeff Rovin comes to your rescue with a joke about any subject you can imagine.Not only does he give us 1001 jokes ,he covers the gamut ,so if you’re looking for something suitable for or about the school,or one for or about the guys at the bar;you’ll find one here.He also has come up with a novel method of showing where jokes can be found of a similar theme in the book.

Do you have favorite joke book? Please comment below now and tell everyone!

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