Open season on nerds (joke)

A truck driver hauling a container load of computers out of Silicon Valley stops at a café for a cup of coffee. As he enters, he follows a nerdy guy with tape on his glasses and a pocket protector. The proprietor doesn’t say a word, but pulls out a shotgun and blows the geek away. “Why’d you do that?” cried the truck driver. “Oh, don’t worry, since the nerds have overpopulated Silicon Valley, they’re in open season. You don’t even need a license!” The driver finishes his coffee, gets back in his truck, and as he heads out of the driveway, his load shifts, his back door opens and his load of computers spills out all over the road. Immediately a huge crowd of nerds forms, grabbing his computers. Remembering the incident in the café, he pulls out his gun and starts blasting away until a cop arrives and orders him to stop. “What’s wrong, officer? I thought it was open season on nerds?” “Well, yeah,” replied the cop. “But it ain’t fair to bait ’em!”

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