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Meat Nativity Scene

So what do you think about the baby jesus on a bed of sauerkraut? This meat nativity scene smells like bacon for sure! Is is kosher? I dunno, but looks like a bunch of lil’ piggies to me. I would’ve liked to see this after it had cooked! Was this for Sunday dinner or Christmast dinner? This is a WTF pic for sure!

Meat Nativity Scene

WTF image – the best

I’ve seen a lot of WTF pics, but this one takes the cake. Really – what’s going on here? Is this a contest to see who can be the best swiffer? Is it a weird animal imitation? Or yet another example of how Asian people do really weird stuff?

wtf pic

WTF Pic: Shave a Baby?

This is definitely the WTF Pic of the day – “Shave a Baby?” Why are the Japanese and Chinese so warped, and where in the heck did they get an idea like this? Who in their right mind would develop a toy where you could shave a baby? How many of these do you think they sold? WTF?

WTF shave a baby?
WTF shave a baby?

WTF Pic – Tattooed Skeleton Face

tattoo-face-skull wtf pic

There are some REALLY stupid people in this world – but WTF do you have to be thinking to get a skeleton tattooed on your ENTIRE FACE!  I mean, really dude – WTF?!

WTF Sex Pic – With A Kid in the Car?

This is clearly a WTF pic, with a woman having sex with her skirt hiked up and riding the guy in the front (European can with steering wheel on the right)…but WAIT – there’s more!!  A little kid in the back seat!  COME ON – WTF!!

WTF sex pic with kid in the car

WTF Pic – The Ladies Man

ladies man wtf pic

Here’s another WTF pic I call “the Ladies Man” (lol). I don’t know what’s more disturbing really in this pic. The fact that “the ladies man” is drinking up to double team granny and mom, the fact that there must be a dozen fifths of hard liquor on that table against the wall, or the fact that granny is puking in a wastebasket between her feet with a cold beer against her head. What the hell was going on here?

WTF Pic: We’re Rock Stars Baby!

WTF Pic - We're Rock Stars baby!
This WTF Pic is just begging for a decent caption! I say it’s “We’re Rock Stars Baby”, what’s your best caption?