The Breakfast Plan

Two young boys decided it was about time that they started cursing. The five-year-old instructed, “When we go downstairs for breakfast, I’m going to say ‘hell’ and you say ‘ass.’ Okay?” His four-year-old brother replied, “Okay!” When
Mom asked them what they wanted for breakfast, the elder boy said, “Aw, hell, Mom. I’ll have Cheerios.” WHACK! She smacked him out of his chair and across the floor. He ran upstairs crying with Mom in hot pursuit. She locked him in his
room and shouted through the door, “And you stay in there until I let you out!”? She then went back downstairs and asked the younger boy, “And what do you want for breakfast? “I don’t know,” he blubbered, “but you can bet your sweet ass it
ain’t gonna be Cheerios!

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