The More You Drink (joke)

A bloke went into a pub, sat down at the bar and ordered five pots. The barman wondered since he was alone, but served up the five pots. And the bloke downed them all… one, two, three, four, five. As he finished the last one, he called to the barman and ordered four more. The barman served up four pots and the bloke downed them… one, two, three, four. He belched, swayed a little on his stool, but ordered three more. And again he knocked them back… one, two, three. “Two potsh, mate!” he called. The barman served him two pots and down they went… one, two. “One pot, sssir!” The barman served him one but the bloke just sat there, staring at it, trying to focus. Then he told the barman, “Y’know, it’sh ssstrange, but the lesssh I drink, the drunker I feel!”

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