The tight mini-skirt (joke)

A young blonde in a black business vest, white blouse, high heels and a skimpy miniskirt tried to board a bus, but her skirt was so tight her legs couldn’t move. So, she reached behind her and undid her zipper just a little. She tried to climb the steps again, and still couldn’t, so she reached behind again and lowered the zipper some more. Again, she tried to climb the steps, but still no luck. As she reached back a third time, a long tall Texan standing behind her grabbed her buttocks, lifted her up, and gently deposited her on the top step. “Who in the hell do you think you are to touch my body like that?” she steamed. “I don’t even know you!” The Texan just smiled at her and replied, “Well, ma’am, once you’d unzipped my fly, I figured we was pretty good friends!”

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