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I recently came across a list of Top 25 Comedies over at IGN, and I thought I would share my top pics from that list, and comments on the ones that I like the best, the ones that had the funniest stuff, the most laughs, the best humor, silliest gags, and most hilarious content. Ready? Here we go…

“There’s Something About Mary” was one of the funniest movies I had ever seen at the time it came out. I can remember laughing so hard at this one that my sides hurt. Cameron Diaz is just awesome, but this is the first time I realized the genius of Ben Stiller. His dry wit and quirky characters make this an unusually good movie. This movies is just littered with stars as well, and packed with laughs from beginning to end. Any time I catch it on cable I watch it over again.

There’s Something More About Mary (Widescreen Collector’s Edition)

Mel Brook’s Young Frankenstein is also a classic comedy you need for your DVD collection. You shouldn’t be without it. I could watch it over and over again for hours – and now Mel Brooks has recently turned Young Frankenstein into a broadway musical!

Young Frankenstein

I remember watching the 70’s movie “The Jerk” with Steve Martin when I was a kid on network television. It was good, but it’s even better in the original theater version so you get the full effect. This is classic Steve Martin at it’s best!

The Jerk (26th Anniversary Edition)

Duck Soup with the Marx Brothers is probably one of the very first comedies I remember like to watch over and over again (when it was on). I still think to this day that there aren’t any comedians in movies quite like the Marx Brothers, The Three Stooges, or Abbott and Costello. This is a timeless comedy classic that will never die – get the DVD today.

Duck Soup

Animal House – arguably John Belushi’s best movie. It’s such a classic, with so many ‘soon to be stars’ in it, this is just a comedy classic that will never end. It’s a classic, and infectiously funny movie that put forth so many catch phrases people still use to this day….is there anything more classic than Neidermeyer and his horse, or Belushi popping his face full of food like a zit?

National Lampoon’s Animal House (Widescreen Double Secret Probation Edition)

Ferris Bueller marked that start of the 80’s comedies for me, and remains of my all-time favorites. It stands on it’s own to this very day, but the nice thing about this comedy is that it’s not only very funny – but it’s family friendly too. This is a movie you can completely watch with your kids (and I have).

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Bueller…Bueller… Edition (Special Collector’s Edition)

OMG, the Airplane! series of movies I think is way too overlooked. Many young people today have never seen these movies – and I think they are just as funny today as they were when they were first released. There are so many sight gags and jokes you actually have to watch the movie over and over again to get them all.

Airplane! (Don’t Call Me Shirley! Edition)

Anytime anyone asks me what my all time movie is (comedy or not) it’s hands down “The Blues Brothers”. It’s got it all, jokes, music, and dozens and dozens and dozens of stars. They say that this movie still holds the record for sheer number of cars crashed in a single motion picture. There’s just nothing like this movie and the team of Akroyd and Belushi.

The Blues Brothers (Widescreen 25th Anniversary Edition)

Blazing Saddles – another Mel Brooks classic, this time set in the wild west with Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder. This movie is crude, sexist, racist, and all-out fun! It has gags galore, and you might have to watch it time and time again to get them all.

Blazing Saddles (30th Anniversary Special Edition)

Spinal Tap – the ultimate music “mockumentary”. It’s incredibly funny, and even funnier that Spinal Tap became a pseudo-famous band from this little movie, actually playing concerts with known acts over the years. A hilarious movie – especially the “cucumber” in the pants.

This Is Spinal Tap (Special Edition)

There are many movies that I think really should have made this list, and I’ll be adding them shortly! Do you have a favorite comedy movie that should have made the cut? Comment now and let us all know!

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