Tough Sobriety Test (joke)

A police officer pulled a car over for speeding. As the driver pulled out his license, the officer noticed several swords, machetes, and meat cleavers in the man’s backseat. “Sir, I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to exit your vehicle,” “Why, officer?” “Why do you have weapons in your backseat?” “Oh, I’m in the circus; those are just part of my act.” The officer stands back and then orders him to prove it. The juggler takes out three dull meat cleavers and begins juggling them behind his car. Just then an inebriated local, fresh from the neighborhood tavern, drove past. He grabbed his cell phone, phoned back to the tavern and asked for his best friend. “Bob, you’d better take the back roads home. The cops have a sobriety test set up out on the main road that nobody’s gonna pass!”

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