What Size Do You Need? (joke)

A man walked into a country store and shyly asked the pretty girl behind the counter if they sold condoms. Noticing his unease, she decided to have a little fun. “What size do you need?” she asked. “Uh, I don’t know. Size?” “They come in three sizes. This happens all the time. Don’t worry. We have three knotholes in the fence out back you can use for sizing. Just go put it to the test.” When he did, she sneaked out the backdoor and was waiting for him by the fence. When he put it through the first knothole, she gave him a hand job. When he put it through the second hole, she gave him oral sex. And when he put it in the third hole, she pulled down her pants and did him herself. When they were finished, she ran back into the store. After a while, he finally came back in. “So? What size do you need?” she asked. He answered, “None, but I would like about 8′ of that fence!”

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