Your cat is dead

A man went on a business trip and left his cat in his brother’s care. Three days later, he called his brother. “How’s my cat?” “She’s dead.” “What? She’s dead?! What do you mean ‘She’s dead!’? I loved that cat. I wish you would have broken the news to me more gently. Why not tell me that she got out and was up on the roof and you’re having trouble getting her down? Then the next time I call, you could have said the Fire Department was there. And the next time that they scared her off the roof and she was hurt when she hit the ground. And then, later, when I was prepared, you could say that she died. Damn, you are so crude.” His brother apologized sincerely, “I’m sorry. You’re right. I was insensitive. ” “Oh, it’s all right. Forget it. Let’s change the subject. How’s Mom doing?” “She’s up on the roof and…”

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