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Meat Nativity Scene

So what do you think about the baby jesus on a bed of sauerkraut? This meat nativity scene smells like bacon for sure! Is is kosher? I dunno, but looks like a bunch of lil’ piggies to me. I would’ve liked to see this after it had cooked! Was this for Sunday dinner or Christmast dinner? This is a WTF pic for sure!

Meat Nativity Scene

Ditto Christmas Lights

The neighbor with the ditto Christmas lights must’ve been fed up with the neighbors having the huge display all these years (lol).


Google Autocomplete WTF pic

Again another WTF with this Google autocomplete image. To think that people really had to type this in to get these embedded as Google suggestions:

is it wrong to sleep with your (google auto-complete)

WTF image – the best

I’ve seen a lot of WTF pics, but this one takes the cake. Really – what’s going on here? Is this a contest to see who can be the best swiffer? Is it a weird animal imitation? Or yet another example of how Asian people do really weird stuff?

wtf pic

WTF Toilet Paper Dispenser

Well, if you were in a restaurant and saw this toilet paper dispenser, I know that you’d immediately say “WTF?!”. Disgusting or not, it’s gotta make you laugh….


What if it runs out of toilet paper? Are you sticking your finger inside to see if there’s more? I wonder if this type of marketing is exclusive to gay bars?


WTF Pic: Shave a Baby?

This is definitely the WTF Pic of the day – “Shave a Baby?” Why are the Japanese and Chinese so warped, and where in the heck did they get an idea like this? Who in their right mind would develop a toy where you could shave a baby? How many of these do you think they sold? WTF?

WTF shave a baby?
WTF shave a baby?

WTF Pic – Tattooed Skeleton Face

tattoo-face-skull wtf pic

There are some REALLY stupid people in this world – but WTF do you have to be thinking to get a skeleton tattooed on your ENTIRE FACE!  I mean, really dude – WTF?!

WTF Sex Pic – With A Kid in the Car?

This is clearly a WTF pic, with a woman having sex with her skirt hiked up and riding the guy in the front (European can with steering wheel on the right)…but WAIT – there’s more!!  A little kid in the back seat!  COME ON – WTF!!

WTF sex pic with kid in the car

WTF Pic – The Ladies Man

ladies man wtf pic

Here’s another WTF pic I call “the Ladies Man” (lol). I don’t know what’s more disturbing really in this pic. The fact that “the ladies man” is drinking up to double team granny and mom, the fact that there must be a dozen fifths of hard liquor on that table against the wall, or the fact that granny is puking in a wastebasket between her feet with a cold beer against her head. What the hell was going on here?

WTF Pic: We’re Rock Stars Baby!

WTF Pic - We're Rock Stars baby!
This WTF Pic is just begging for a decent caption! I say it’s “We’re Rock Stars Baby”, what’s your best caption?