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Spicing up the Sex Life (joke)

An engaged woman, a mistress, and a married woman were chatting about their relationships and decided to surprise their men with a little sex play. That night each wore a black leather S&M bodice, stiletto heels, and a mask. The next day, they met for coffee to exchange stories. The engaged woman said, “My boyfriend came home, found me in my leather and said, ‘You’re the woman of my dreams. I love you!’ and then we made love until dawn!” The mistress said, “Oh, yes! I met him in his office after work with just a raincoat on over my outfit. When I opened that raincoat, he didn’t say a word. We just made wild passionate love all over his office, all night long.” The married woman said, “I sent the kids to Mom’s for the night, got myself ready, but when my husband got home from work, he just grabbed a beer and the remote control, and then said, ‘Hey Batman! What’s for dinner?!’ “

Losing hand at Poker

Six retired Floridians were playing poker in the condo clubhouse when Meyerwitz lost $500 on a single hand, clutched his chest and dropped dead, still sitting at the table. Finkelstein looks around and asked, “So, who’s gonna tell his wife?” They drew straws and Goldberg lost. “Be discreet, Goldberg,” they said. “Don’t make a bad situation worse.” “Discreet?” he replied. “Discretion is my middle name.” Goldberg went to Meyerwitz’s apartment and knocked on the door. The wife answered the door and asked, “What are you doing here, Goldberg?” Goldberg said, “Your husband just lost $500 and is afraid to come home.” “Tell him to drop dead!” said the wife. “Okay. I’ll go do that!” said Goldberg.

Man on a Mission

A man’s wife rushed to the hospital unexpectedly, and asked her husband to bring her some items from home including “comfortable underwear.” Worried he’d make the wrong choice, he asked, “But how will I know which ones are comfortable? ” She answered, “Hold them up and imagine me in them. If you smile, put ’em back!”

Don’t Take another step

A woman was walking down the street when she heard a booming voice shout, “Stop! Don’t take another step!” She obeyed and suddenly a ton of bricks fell right where she would have been. She looked around, saw no one and assumed she imagined the voice. She continued a few minutes until the same voice cried out again, “Stop! Don’t take another step!” She stopped just as an out of control car skidded past her and slammed into a utility pole. Looking around, seeing no one, she yelled, “Who are you?!” The voice answered, “I am your guardian angel. I warn you before something bad happens. Do you have any questions of me?” “Yes!” said the woman. “Where were you on my wedding day?!”

The Miracle of Toilet Paper

Fresh from my shower, I stand in front of the mirror complaining to my husband that my breasts are too small. Instead of characteristically? telling me it’s not so, he uncharacteristically comes up with a suggestion.

“If you want your breasts to grow, then every day take a piece of toilet paper and rub it between them for a few seconds”.

Willing to try anything, I fetch a piece of toilet paper and stand in front of the mirror, rubbing it between my breasts. “How long will this take?” I asked.

“They will grow larger over a period of years,” my husband replies.

I stopped. “Do you really think rubbing a piece of toilet paper between my breasts every day will make my breasts larger over the years?”

Without missing a beat he says “Worked for your butt, didn’t it?”

He’s still alive, and with a great deal of therapy, he may even walk again although he will probably continue to take his meals through a straw.

Stupid, stupid man.

No Peeking!

The bride had carefully packed a long white silk nightgown for her honeymoon, but her sister secretly replaced it with a sexy little pink number she thought better suited to a couple’s first night together. In the hotel, she went into the bathroom to change leaving her new husband on the bed. “No fair peeking!” she said. But when she unpacked her suitcase and found the wrong nightgown, she gasped, “Oh! It’s short, pink, and wrinkled!” And he called through the bathroom door, “I thought you said no peeking!”

A Young Farm Couple

A young farm couple got married and just couldn’t seem to get enough lovin’. In the morning, before Homer left the house for the fields, they made love. When Homer came back from the fields, they made love. After supper, they made love. And again at bedtime, they made love. The problem was their nooner: it took Homer a half hour to travel home and another half hour to return to the fields and he just wasn’t getting enough work done. Finally Homer asked the town doctor what to do. “Homer,” said the doctor, “just take your rifle out to the fields with you and when you’re in the mood, fire off a shot into the air. That will be Daisy’s signal to come out to you. Then you won’t lose any field time.” They tried Doc’s advice and it worked well for a while until one day when Homer came back to the doctor’s office. “What’s wrong? Didn’t my idea work?” “Oh, it worked good,” said Homer. “Whenever I was in the mood, I fired off a shot like you said and Daisy’d come runnin’. We’d find a secluded place, make love, and then she’d go back home agin.” “Good, Homer. So what’s the problem?” “I might ah trained her too good. I ain’t seen her since huntin’ season started!”

The Funeral Procession

A woman walked out of Starbucks with her morning coffee and was taken aback by an unusual funeral procession. One long black hearse was followed by another long black hearse, which was followed by a solitary woman walking a pit bull on a leash, who was followed by at least 200 more women in a long single file. Her curiosity got the better of her, so she respectfully approached the woman with the dog. “I’m sorry for your loss and I’m sure this is a bad time to disturb you, but I’ve never seen a funeral like this. Whose funeral is it???? “Well, that first hearse contains my husband.??? “Oh, I’m so sorry. What happened to him???? “My dog here attacked and killed him.??? “That’s terrible. But, who is in the second hearse???? “My mother-in-law. She tried to help my husband, but my dog turned on her, too.??? A poignant and thoughtful moment of silence passed between the two women. “Could I borrow your dog???? “Sure. Get in line!???

Just Slip One In…

A woman complained to her friend that her husband was losing interest in sex. Her friend told her she should get him on Viagra. “Oh, Henry would never take anything like that! He’s too proud.??? “Here, just take some of mine. Slip one into his mashed potatoes at dinner tonight and he’ll never know what hit him!??? At dinner, she thinks, “Maybe one won’t be enough???? and slips in a handful. The next day, she called her friend. “You were right. It worked great! I slipped a bunch of them in his potatoes just like you said, and, not five minutes later, he jumped up, raked the dishes onto the floor, grabbed me, ripped off my clothes, and made wild, passionate love right there on the table!??? Her friend was worried. “Oh, dear. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have given you so many.??? “Oh, don’t worry about it. We’re never going back to that restaurant anyway!???

At the Auction

A farmer and his wife were at livestock auction. The auctioneer announced the first bull had reproduced 60 times last year. The wife leans over to her husband and says, “Wow. That’s 5 times a month!??? When it was sold, the auctioneer announced the second bull had reproduced 120 times last year. The wife leans over to her husband and says, “Wow. That’s 10 times a month!??? When it was sold, the auctioneer announced the third bull had reproduced 365 times last year!??? The wife again leans over to her husband and gloats, “Wow. That’s once a day, every single day of the year! What’s wrong with you, honey???? Finally the irritated husband had had enough. “Nothin’. Once a day is fine! But why don’t you go ask that auctioneer if every day that bull had to do it with the same old cow!???