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Where did Humans Come From (joke)?

This joke is pretty funny – who can resist taking a swipe at the old man at the expense of the kids!

Little Suzie asked her mother, “Where did humans come from?” Her mother answered, “Well, dear, God made Adam and Eve and they had children and all mankind descended from them.” Then she asked her father the same question. Her father answered, “Over millions of years, humans developed from apes.” The confused girl returned to her mother and told her what Daddy said. “Mom, how come you said we were created by God while Dad said we descended from monkeys?” Mother answered, “Simple, dear: I was talking about my family’s origins and your father was talking about his!”

Applying for a Job

Four men applied for the same job and were equally qualified so the interviewer decided to ask them one extra question to display their creativity: “What is the fastest thing you can think of and why?” The first man answered, “A thought, because it just pops into your head without warning.” “Good,” replied the interviewer and turned to the second man, “And you?” The second man said, “A blink, because it comes and goes and you don’t know it happened.” “Good,” said the interviewer and looked at the third man. “Light, because when you flip a switch, the light comes on instantaneously.” “Science says nothing is faster than light,” said the interviewer. Then it was Bubba’s turn. Bubba proclaimed, “The fastest thing is diarrhea.” “What?!” spurted the stunned interviewer. “Why? How?” Bubba finished, “Well, the other day, when I weren’t feeling so good, I ran for the bathroom but before I could think, blink, or turn on the light, I shit my pants!”