Farmer Brown and the City Slicker

Farmer Brown took pity on the young city slicker and agreed to hire him for a day. But while spray painting the barn, he got paint on the donkey through the open door. Farmer Brown was furious, but gave him another chance. But when he replaced barb wire on a fence, a rooster got in the way and he nailed him to a fence post. “One more screw-up and you’re gone, son!” said Farmer Brown. “Let’s see if you can mow my yard. Even a city slicker should be able to do that!” But he didn’t see Farmer Brown’s pet cat lying in the tall grass and ran over it. Brown was livid and called the local sheriff. “I’m sorry, Farmer Brown, but why should I arrest him? On what charge?” “Well, Sheriff, first he painted my ass red, then he nailed my cock to the fence, and finally, he ran over my wife’s pussy with the lawn mower!”

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