Make This Horse Laugh (joke)

There’s a sign next to the horse that says “Make this horse laugh, win $500 and free drinks for the night”
The man decides to give it a shot. He walks up to the horse and whispers something in his ear.
The horse bursts out laughing.

The bartender is shocked and begrudgingly pays the man and gives him a night of free drinks.
The man wakes up the next morning and continues on with his journey.
On his way back home, this man sees a new sign next to this horse that reads “Make this horse cry, win $1,000 and free drinks for two nights.”

Having been successful the first time, the man walks up to the horse and a few moments later the horse is sobbing.
The bartender is pissed that the same man won his contest both times. He pays up and starts pouring beer for him.
After a few drinks, the bartender breaks and says “look, I’m losing a lot of money on this. You have to tell me how you did it.”

The man finishes his beer and says with a grin, “Last week, i told the horse my dick was bigger than his. This week, i proved it.”