The Man, the Girlfriend, and the Cowboy (joke)

A man and his girlfriend were driving across the desert when they had a flat tire. As he got out, the boyfriend spotted a cowboy nearby, sitting on his horse, rolling a smoke. He told his girlfriend, “Watch me make that cowboy change my tire!” He got out and ordered, “Hey, you! Get off that horse and change my tire.” The cowboy lit his cigarette and ignored him. “Hey! I told you to change my tire. If you don’t, I’ll kick your a$$!” The cowboy glanced up and said softly, “Tell you what, feller. First, I’m going to finish my smoke. Then I’m going to get down off this horse, kick your a$$, and make you change your own tire while I play with your girlfriend. And when you’re done, I’m gonna make you hold my balls up out of this hot sand while I do it to her.” Later, driving away, the girlfriend said, “That cowboy was pretty tough, wasn’t he, baby?” The boyfriend replied, “Naw, he wasn’t that tough. Did you see him flinch whenever I dropped his balls in the sand?”

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