Golfing in the patch of buttercups (joke)

The husband’s tee shot went far right, while the wife’s went far left. She finally found her ball in a patch of

buttercups. She took several practice swings and then hit a nice ball back onto the fairway, but in the process,

she hacked the hell out of the buttercups. As she returned to her bag, a woman appeared out of nowhere. “I’m Mother

Nature and I resent the way you treated my buttercups. As punishment, from this moment on you will hate the taste

of butter. Each time you eat it you’ll become nauseous.” Mother Nature then vanished as quickly as she appeared.

Shaken, the wife yelled to her husband, “Honey! Where are you?” “I’m over here …in the pussy willows.” She

screamed, “Hold your swing! HOLD YOUR SWING!!”

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