Just one more drop

A bartender had a standing bet of $1,000 that his grip was stronger than anyone. To prove it, he would squeeze a lemon and then hand it to his challenger. If the challenger could squeeze out even one more drop, he’d win. Weightlifters, longshoremen, construction workers… many had tried, but none succeeded. But then a scrawny little man in thick glasses and a polyester suit took up the challenge. The crowd laughed, but the bartender grabbed a lemon, squeezed his best, and then tossed it to the slight man. The laughter turned to silence when the little man produced not just one drop, but six more! Everyone cheered. As the bartender counted out the money, he asked, “What do you do for a living, fella? Wrestler? Lumberjack?” The little guy pushed up his spectacles and squeeked, “Nope. I work for the IRS!”

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