Late Night Drunk (joke)

A guy stopped off after work for a quick drink with his buddies. Well, one drink led to another, and another and another until he was very drunk, very late, and very worried about how mad his wife would be. But his buddies had the perfect solution: go home, sneak into the bedroom, slip under the covers from the bottom of the bed, and have sex with his wife. They told him she’d likely resist at first, but before long she’d give in, they’d have sex and he would be forgiven. He was drunk enough that this sounded worth a try. Sure enough, she did resist a little, but soon she gave in, they had sex and things went pretty smoothly. When they were done, he left the bed and went to the bathroom. There he found his wife, who warned him, “Honey, don’t go into our room. Mother is visiting and I gave her our bed.”

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