The Blonde with Cleavage (joke)

Here’s a blonde joke you won’t expect – did this ever happen when you ordered a beer?

A man sat down at a bar just a few seats away from a blonde showing a lot of cleavage. He ordered a beer. The bartender filled a mug, slid it down the bar, but it hit the lady’s chest and splashed beer on her breasts. The bartender retrieved the mug, gave it to the man, and then licked the excess beer off her chest. When the man ordered another beer, the same thing happened again. After his third beer also hit her, he decided it was time to share the bartender’s fun. He moved over and started licking her breasts himself …and she decked him! Lying on the floor, he groaned, “Why didja hit me? You let the bartender do it?!” She replied, “Because he told me he has a licker license!”

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