Bob Who? (joke)

A blonde guy was drinking with an Italian buddy. The Italian loved to play tricks his friend. He asked the blonde, “You remember Bob, don’t you?” The blonde guy replied, “Bob who?” The Italian laughed, “Bob up and kiss my ass, blondie!” The next day the blonde told a co-worker this this story and the co-worker responded, “Why don’t you get him back? Ask him if he remembers Aileen. He’ll say, ‘Aileen who?’ and then you say, “I lean over and you kiss my ass!’ ” The blonde thought this was great. That night, after work, he waited in the bar for his Italian buddy to come in. He was barely when the blonde asked, “So, you remember Aileen, don’t you?” The Italian thought a moment and said, “Aileen… Aileen… you mean the Aileen who’s married to Bob?” And the blonde guy said, “Bob who?”

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