No Sex Checkup (joke)

A man complained to his doctor that his wife never wanted to have sex. The doctor told him to bring her in for a checkup. When she arrived, the doctor asked her about her libido. “Well, doctor,” she replied, “the truth is that every morning I take a cab to work and the cabbie always asks me, ‘So are you gonna pay today or what?’ And since we don’t have much money, I always give him the ‘or what’ which makes me late for work so my boss yells at me, ‘So are we going to dock your salary or what?’ And since we need the money, I always give him the ‘or what.’ By the time I get home, I don’t feel like having any more sex.” “Hmmmmm,” thought the doctor, “I see. So, are we going to tell your husband about this, or what?”

The World's Best Dirty Jokes
The World’s Best Dirty Jokes
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Each of us has laughed at one or more of the great classics– whether it was the one about the elephant and the canary or the one about the travelling salesman and the farmer’s daughter. Good taste , as it was interpreted by the censors, did not allow the collection and publication of these funniest dirty stories. And so they have been told aloud, passed from mouth to mouth and sometimes from generation to generation. Things have changed. And so, a few years ago, Mr. J. decided to gather together the very best– the very funniest– from the large crop of dirty jokes. Dirty isn’t, of itself, funny. A good dirty joke is often graphic and sometimes shocking. But it is always amusing and often causes hilarity. The final crop of jokes was selected by 12 separate judges. Only those jokes that brought cheer and laughter to the heart were permitted to remain. Some of the stories will be familiar to you. None will be heard on radio or television. But all are designed to make you smile– and, with a little practice, you can make others laugh, too.

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