Enjoying Your Job (joke)

A man, who spent his life stoking furnaces, died and went to hell. The devil, deciding not to waste a life of such experience, gave him a job stoking the fires of hell. Everyday, when the devil would check up on the workers, he would find this man laughing, joking, and having a good time. One day he asked this guy, “Do you like this job?” The guy replied, “Yes, I like it very HOT!!!” The devil decided to show him, so he shut down the flames of hell just to show him that hell wasn’t about having fun. The next day when the devil checked up on him, he found the man shivering, cold, and turning blue. The devil laughed. “Now, what do you think of Hell?” Shivering, with teeth chattering, the guy replied, “Does this mean that the Broncos finally won the Super Bowl?”

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